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Need to organize a social event or a trip for your employees that everyone will keep talking about for ages? An original, exciting event that will make everyone happy and recharge their batteries for returning to work?You've come to the right place. At Instant Trip, we believe that any activity, whether it be a cooking workshop, an adventure trip abroad, or a team-building event for employees, must include experiences that will fill the staff with energy, invoke pleasure and laughter, and instill values in them that will enhance their team-spirit, bolster team wirk and build confidence in order to help the company achieve its organizational and business goals. We invite you to join us on a joirny in which we will examine your organization's requirements and design a tailor-made event that will continue to move your company forward.

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"We wanted to arrange a team-building trip to Europe for our senior management. The assistance we received from Instant Trip events company was highly successful. They planned the concept for the trip, and later on made it happen by planning the itinerary, booking the hotels, providing transportation services, organizing the fun activities along the way, amazing culinary experiences and more. We wholeheartedly recommend them."(Yohai, marketing and sales deputy director, insurance company)
"I've always believed in the power of company events and group activities to encourage employees and recruit their support for organizational efforts and meeting business goals. In the past few years, I produced these events by myself, but it was exhausting, took up a lot of my time, and cost me a great deal of money. Instant Trip's talented staff took upon themselves all the logistics and hard work, and my employees and I were left with only the fun and pleasure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." (Daniella, owner and CEO, hi-tech company)

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Instant Trip is a company that plans and produces company incentive events and trips inside Israel and abroad.From the company HQ in Tel Aviv, we arrange a wide variety of unique team-building activities that combine sensory experiences with elements that help each company or organization, whether from the private, public or business sector, create employee team-spirit, strenghten team work and build trust.The selection of team-building events we offer includes a wide variety of incentive outing that take place in workshops or involve adventure and extreme activities, trips, company events, lectures, confrences and much, much more. These activities take place in various locatios throughout Israel, from Metula to Eilat, and all over Europe, particularly France, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. Our prifessionals include producers, organizational psychoogists, logistics specialists, experts in experiential activities, tour guides, event managers and procurement staff. We support each client, large or small, from the stage of planning the concept  and selecting the suitable solutions, through planning the budget and the event itself, to ultimately producing the event and managing every last detail in the field. 
Over the years, we have had the plesure of giving many companies team-building experiences that have kept them wanting more, re-energized their employees, provided them with moments of plesure and joy, and given them the added value required to continue contending successfully with the company's business challenges in the immediate, medium and long term.

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